Audience Analytics & Reporting

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Audience Analytics & Reporting

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly who was searching for the types of services your agency offers online? The search terms they were using along with demographics about the people searching them like their age, location, and even the type of device they were using? How could that info benefit you as you consider ways to position your business and reach your potential customers?

In the age of Digital Marketing, everything gets tracked and measured online. And as the saying goes, “what gets measured, gets managed”. With online marketing, you can see in almost real time how well your marketing efforts are performing. From calculating ROI from SEO campaigns and monitoring click-through and conversion rates from ad and email campaigns, to social media engagement on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can see how everything is performing and where specific tweaks and adjustments need to be made to optimize and improve your campaign performance.

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Understanding your own audience is a great place to start getting a sense of what brings visitors to your site and what they do once they get there. Understanding your competitor’s audience and comparing it to your own is another way to help you gain insights into staying ahead of the competition. With a better understanding of your audience’s behavior, you are equipped with the info you need to make decisions to improve retention and conversion.


HomeCare Marketers offers robust analytics and reporting dashboards, helping you to set measurable goals and keeping you informed of progress on the metrics that matter the most.


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"In over two years of working with Greg and his team, he had proven to be a thought leader and someone immensely respected throughout our industry at all levels. Greg brings a strategic vision for our business and is able to drive this strategy through execution."

Oleg G.
Director of Digital Marketing, RSM

"We’ve grown our business primarily through word of mouth and referrals and needed to update our company’s branding and website. Greg walked us through his approach to digital marketing for EVO and we went all-in. His team has absolutely crushed it and have exceeded all of our expectations."

Darwin A.

"We were most impressed with Greg’s passion for excellence and creative marketing ideas! He worked very well with the teams I managed and represented us well in the marketplace."

Bill S.
Founder, Theo Partner Investments