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The goal of home care websites is simple – attract clients. To put it less simply though, a website should attract the right audience, or business leads, and have the right calls to action that helps to convert those leads into clients. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, getting found online is critical for Home Care businesses. And while the main goal of a website is simple, designing a site that is visible to your target audience and that quickly delivers your message can be a little more challenging.

Your Home Care website design is one of the most important factors for your online marketing success. Just look at how many businesses are failing because they have a poorly designed website that’s hard to navigate or not mobile-friendly. A clean and easy to navigate care website is essential if you hope to recruit caregivers – and let’s face it, who isn’t trying to recurit caregivers?

We can help you with a home care website design that will get you found by potential clients on Google and other major search engines using search engine optimization best practices. Our team has been designing websites since 2010, so we’re experts in creating user-friendly sites that convert visitors into paying customers!

Home Care Website design, however, is not as simple as knowing the right code or buying a template for a basic website. It takes skill and expertise to create a site that is fresh, exciting, user-friendly, and welcoming to site visitors – your potential clients. Your home care agency website must be search engine optimized to have any chance of visibility online. It must also have a responsive design to keep and convert traffic who are searching from a mobile device, while still showcasing everything that makes your Home Care agency special. The growth in the Home Care and Home Health services industry brings increased competition to your business, which could result in fewer website visitors if your site appears outdated, dropping it even lower in search engine results. A solid Home Care website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are key to online your visibility. If you’re looking for a new website that you can be proud of with first page search results for your Home Care agency, you’ve come to the right place.


How to Build a Successful Home Care Agency Website

You want your Home Care website design to stand out from your competitors with a fresh and modern look. When it comes to web development, there are several standards that every web designer implements and then customizes to meet the needs of the clients. Elements on each page such as navigation buttons, contact information at the bottom of each page, a clickable logo, search bar, and many other common items on a website. For a Home Health Services website, there are some other important design elements that you can also include.


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The Visual Art of Persuasion

Because you are selling services to prospective clients who need to be convinced that this is the right mix of services and care for their needs, it is essential that your home care website can persuade them. While you could describe the services in large blocks of text that would fill the webpage, most people are not going to read it nor will they be convinced through text. What will persuade them to take a closer look at your Home Care service offerings are photos (real photos, not stock), videos, and client reviews. These photos and videos should be strategically placed throughout your website to invite your potential clients to take a closer look and then contact you for more information or to schedule a consultation.

People enjoy looking at photos and watching videos such as walkthroughs of your agency or informal interviews with your Caregivers, but you also need to make sure that your Home Care website design provides easy access to your value/sales pitch and call to action.

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Home Care Website Design 

Your home care website design is an important factor in whether or not potential customers will visit you online. Users are more likely to respond positively when they see a site with appropriate design elements. It is important that these choices match your audience’s preferences and help you achieve desired outcomes for users on the web page, such as generate leads, improving conversion rates, increasing phone calls, or recruiting ccaregivers. Fonts should be easy to read and in a size that is not overwhelming or make people need a magnifying glass.


The best way to use color in your home care website design is subtlety. You can still make it bold for the most important elements like contact buttons, but don’t overdo it with saturated colors that will overwhelm viewers or distract them from what you’re trying say about you and your business. Our Web Developers encourage the use of white, or negative, space. White space is crucial for creating balance and variety in design. It should be used as an opportunity to add more personality, not hidden away so you don’t attract attention from your visitors!

There are many aspects of home care website design that contribute to a user’s decision to continue to explore and navigate through the site, or click back to the Google results pages and check out the next listing. It is important that your design reflects your Home Care agency’s personality, is user-friendly, and shows Google that your site is one of authority and reliability.


Responsive Design


In today’s world, many people spend most of their time buried in their phones. From texting to social media, shopping to simple web browsing, people often live on their phones. This, of course, means that to attract new business from clients on the go, your Home Care or Home Health agency needs to have a web presence that is not only desktop friendly but also mobile compatible. Your web design needs to be able to respond to the change in virtual scenery when your potential clients leave their home or are away from their computers.

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Potential clients may begin their search for Home Care Services at home in front of the computer, but once they are away from their larger screens, they will want to be able to reference your site on their phone. This may be as simple as finding your address, but it could also be as complicated as taking a virtual tour with one of your staff to learn about the services you provide. Whatever the case, your site should be able to adapt to the change in screen size and continue to deliver the great user experience they had become accustomed to through their larger screens. If a user is forced to pinch and zoom or do other elaborate movements just to look at something on your site, they are likely to click away and move to a different Home Care agency whose website is more easily navigated on a smartphone.


Get More Leads for your Home Care business


The goal of home care website design, in parallel with other elements of SEO practices, is to get more leads to contact you over the web, phone, or in person. From keyword-rich content to backlinking, social media management to website development, all aspects of Search Engine Optimization need to work together and be continually maintained to find new clients online. When Google and others crawl your site, they are looking for these elements to demonstrate your authority and reliability in the field of Home Health Services. Through their algorithms, your site is ranked on the results pages so that clients can more easily find you when searching Home Care or Senior Care.

To broaden your clientele and bring more customers to your site (and ultimately in person), SEO and great website design are key. Contact HomeCare Marketers to get a new website, or makeover your existing site, and start getting the online visibility your Home Care agency deserves.


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