How Do We Connect?

For many companies, it is normal to market to your prospective customers using email to introduce your company and services. We do. We also connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Often, there is not an immediate need, and that is totally OK. We just want you to know we are here. We like to provide tips and strategies to help Home Care agencies get more from their marketing efforts online.


Sometimes though, we can get our wires crossed, and a contact’s email info may be incorrect in some way. Whether they are no longer with the company, retired, or perhaps not in the Home Care services industry at all. No matter the case, we always seem to find a few contacts where we are not quite sure how they ended up on our list of Home Care agencies we are hoping to connect with. However, mistakes are not always a bad thing.


 “Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before”.

I recently read a quote that said, “mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before”. A little error in our email outreach reminded me of this today.

We sent an email to a company this morning, and they responded back with, “Guardian Angel Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is end of life education, grief, and bereavement support”. Not really our target and this made me pause and think about 1. “how did that get there”, and 2. “that mission is pretty heavy”. I thought on this for a while and was brought back to the memories of losing grandparents on both sides of our family, and the profound grief our family experienced immediately afterward, lessening gradually over the years. I thought of all the people I know personally that that would benefit from this type of support – now or in years past – my own included. Do they know where to go for help? Do they even know they need help? We did not.

I was inspired to find out more. This was a learning moment, and their reply was a kind teacher, so I dropped by their site to learn more about the services provided by Guardian Angel.


Make No Mistake – There is Help for Grief

For so many, this year has been extremely challenging, both personally and professionally. For those providing services in the health industry, it is impossible to think there has ever been a time more challenging than right now. And for anyone who knows the grief of losing a family member or a friend they loved dearly, the feelings of grief can seem an impossible load to bear and may appear hopeless that it will ever go away.

What’s my point in writing this? For me, this is a reminder that mistakes are not always a bad thing. Big or small, they have the “power to turn you into something better than you were before”. This was a good mistake for me; it reminded me of my grandparents, enough that I made a small donation in their name. And if this can help someone get the support they need in a difficult time, even better. More importantly though, the services provided by organizations like Guardian Angel are essential in supporting the mental health and well-being of people suffering from personal loss. We can take for granted that these services are well known and visible for everyone who needs them – they are not. And even if they were, most people who are grieving find it impossible to reach out for support. We need to reach out to them. And when we can’t, we need organizations that can help us to help those in need.

If you know anyone who is grieving and needs support, I encourage you point them to a foundation or helpline in your area. Better yet, make the call for them. And if you have some time on your hands or a few dollars to spare, your donation of either can make a huge impact on the lives of those they serve and the people who surround them.