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There’s no question that social media marketing for your Home Care Agency is, and will continue to be, important for local business exposure. That said, there are a lot of social media myths that are annoyingly persistent, and believing them can hurt your business.

So, let’s bust some myths! Here are 8 of the most widely believed myths that you need to stop believing if you’re working to grow your Home Care Agency using social media.

#1: You need to be on every social network.

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One of the most dangerous myths for business owners is that you need to be everywhere on social media. It takes effort and money to maintain an active presence on EVERY social media site, and nobody has time for all of them.

What you need is a solid presence on sites that let you connect with your audience. Nothing else matters. Most local businesses should be on Facebook. B2B companies should have a presence on LinkedIn. If you’re selling an aspirational product or service, then it makes sense to be on Instagram or Pinterest.

Does this mean you should never try something new? No! Create a profile and see how you do. If it doesn’t work out, switch to another site.

#2: Fans and followers don’t do you any good if they don’t buy anything.  

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It’s obvious that you should use social media to attract new customers. But I hear a lot of business owners who think that followers who aren’t paying customers aren’t worth it – which simply isn’t true.

Having a big following isn’t just about buying, although that’s an added benefit. Followers that don’t buy anything can tell their friends and followers about you, which boosts your reputation. 

Most importantly, you should run ads designed to attract paying customers, but don’t ignore the benefits of followers who aren’t your customers (yet). They’re still helpful.

#3: It’s useful to have your family and friends like your posts

There’s a common myth among business owners that asking friends and family to Like your posts will get more engagement. The bad news? Social media algorithms are more sophisticated than that and you need a wide range of people to engage with your posts.

Does this mean people who care about you should stop liking your posts? Of course not! It just means that you should always invite your fans to respond – and give them a reason to. Ask them a question, encourage them to share your posts, and share content that’s helpful and entertaining so they’ll want to engage with you.

#4: Don’t schedule posts on the weekend

Businesses typically don’t post new social media content on the weekend. Although some of your followers might not spend as much time on social media during the weekend as they do during the week, you shouldn’t assume that weekend content is unimportant.

You can schedule a few weekend posts and measure their effectiveness using Facebook Insights or any other analytics tool you prefer.

#5: Reply to comments on social media immediately

It’s important to reply and answer social media comments, but you don’t need to respond immediately – with one exception.

If you integrate your social media into your customer service, look for ways to get back to customers as quickly as possible. Lots of local businesses have added chatbots to Facebook Messenger to minimize wait times and respond to customers faster.

When it comes to comments that don’t require customer support, they can wait a little longer. As a rule, try to reply within 24 hours.

#6: Social Media Posts Must Always Be Businesslike

Social media is social first and media second, but a lot of business owners forget that. They post boring stuff with no engagement, and wonder why.

Don’t be afraid to put some personality into your social media posts. Even if you offer a professional service, you can still show humor, enthusiasm or empathy for your customers. Here’s where you can show off your personality. Make sure that anyone who posts on your social media channels knows the tone you want to project.

#7: You Need Endless New Content to Post

You need new content to post on your social media sites. However, if you don’t have time to write something new, feel free to repurpose or share older content.

Keep in mind, too, that you can “curate” content by finding articles in industry publications and posts from influencers to share with your followers. If you keep your posts relevant, your fans will love them.

#8: Social Media Marketing is Free

I hear this one a lot. You can set up a free social media account for your business, but you likely won’t get the results you want without spending some money.

The algorithms on social media have become more and more sophisticated. The only way you can be sure that your followers will see your most important content is to boost it. Social media marketing can help your business reach more people. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot to get the results you want.

These 8 myths listed here are all past their prime. Your social media marketing results will improve – and your business will grow if you let go of these misconceptions.

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